I was lucky enough to be walking a certain city and discovered this guys along the way......amazingly they gae me a shot at interviewing them.

To know about them you can hear their debut e.p. through soundcloud here. https://soundcloud.com/guerraz

here is the interview with Dave and Thomas.

ADH- Hey guys, to get the ball rolling ( sideways ?! )...ill ask, how did you guys form, meet...how did it all come together ??

T: We've been playing together a bit over a year I guess. We went by the name LongDistanceRunning previously when we played with another guitarist Ferdi Ribes (
https://ferdimusic.bandcamp.com) He's now killing it on a kind of Jeff Buckley tip in Madrid.

D..for quite a few years I'd been playing as a street musician just on my own and enjoying the freedom of total improvisation. Meeting Thomas was brilliant, because we're both on the same improv page and that's rare! I think because we have both played quite a bit on our own, when we play together it gives us the confidence to really open up and be free. 

And whats up with the name Guerraz, to be honest it reminds of Guevara ( Che ) any reference ??

The name Guerraz comes from the Spanish for "War" or the French: "nom de Guerre" - an assumed name under which you fight or act. 

What are your influences, what your doing sounds very postrock ?

Oh yeah... Influences!..we both really get into anything rythmically and melodically interesting and challenging. Combining stuff that isn't generally combined. 
We've never really spoken about our individual influences... We just play and see what happens. I think we both have a huge influence in our playing of broken beat, post rock, electronica kind of mix.
We do like bands like battles, June of 44, slint, dirty three..and loads of drum n bass/ jungle break beat stuff. 

ADH- Thomas, i noticed when i saw you guys playing in the park ( Music not ball ! ) in Brighton and i noticed Tom used the top string as a bass...do you always do this to fill out the sound ??

T: Yeah, I use the open low string thing a lot either E or drop D and open moveable chords are a favourite too. Ive got to make as big a noise as possible sometimes to complement Dave's drumming and that sort of thing helps. I use a Boss chorus and an EH Pog pedal to thicken things up too.

Dave, aussies make the best drummers !....Why ??...You guys play with alot of balls and passion

D... I don't think we make the best drummers.. But it could be that Aussies generally aren't afraid to just have a go! ADH- This i love !

ADH- Guys, last time we talked you mentioned you had trouble getting gigs in Brighton, has this changed any plans to play live for us ??

T: Yeah, from my perspective I think we've just got to build on what we're doing. We're heading to Edinburgh in the summer and possibly Europe- we'll keep you posted! I'm not averse to doing club gigs (there's nothing like a good sound system
man) but playing outside has brought us some amazing times. When you play for a shifting audience: if they don't like it they go. If they like it they'll stay. That's when you know you're doing something meaningful.

ADH- I got such a strong sense of integrity in your music and your attitude towards playing, how important is this for you guys ??

D ...from my view, we play music that feels right to us and to the moment. We understand its not for everyone and we aren't trying to do that on purpose. If I'm playing things that feel right and meaningful to me, I think Thomas picks up on that and vice versa... That's when we make the best music 

Also what about adding a bass player or vocalist to your band ??

T: I'm not against collaborating and expanding our sound in the future. Personally, the music and atmosphere I'm creating with Dave is the best I've ever made and I'm happy to keep it that way. We had a guy join in with us recently quite late in the park... We were improvising and he just came over and started dancing and sort of wailing over the top for about 5 minutes. It was fucking glorious, and that's the kind of thing you can't recreate. It's momentary. And if you plan to do that, you can't. 

Ok, to bring this interview to a conclusion, if you could tour anywhere and with anyone who would it be with and where ??

D... I love The Dirty Three and the way they approach creating their music. I'd love to play in front of the crowds those guys have.. I think they might get us too!! 
Personally, I get huge amounts of pleasure playing in environments where you saw us Rob...It sounds romantic and humble, but I just like playing the stuff we do to unsuspecting people who stop by and truly dig it ;)

ADH- Thanks guys its been an absolute pleasure ! honestly you guys deserve more recognition i sense it coming too.

Adherance interview with amercian artist Saesura. http://saesura.deviantart.com/

ADH- I just wanted to start, by asking how is everything going for you ??

Saesura- Hello! I'm doing good really. I recently came back from a trip in California, and I briefly felt like I had a life beyond sitting in front of my laptop- which is always great. 

ADH- You use the color, blue often in your photograph's, is to symbolize of some kind of healing process for you ??

Saesura- I wish my use of blue had some deep, therapeutic affect on me, but it really doesn't. Simply, it's my favorite color. When I first started editing my photos I noticed everything was turning blue and I considered changing that but then I figured screw it. I plan on overusing blue until I see myself getting tired of it, though I doubt that time will ever come.

ADH- The greatest pieces of art, are created from or through some kind of suffering, would you agree ??

Saesura- Yes. I truly believe that art is visual expression. Back when I was drowning in freshman sorrows and even now, I've found that each instant I take a photo, or wrote things out, I felt much much better. Along with that, the turnout was more than pleasing to me- and others, apparently, as well. Greater pains influence deeper artworks because they have a greater purpose over being aesthetically appealing. "Pain paints the prettiest pictures", as I've written in caption for my set inspired by this idea; Hurt. 

ADH- Are your photograph's biographical or more a case of single moments of time in your life ?

Saesura- I think I'd probably consider my photos as mini biographies. When I personally look back to them, I can specifically remember how life was like around the time it was taken, and what events or thoughts inspired me to capture it. Of course, people would see it differently but a good part of why I took the photo in the first place is to create some marker or record of where I am and how I feel. It's some sort of self-reference, I suppose. 

ADH- Could you, possibly offer some insight into the meaning of the name " Saesura " ??

Saesura- Saesura came to me when I was probably 13, reading curiously over a list of musical terms. It's a varied spelling of the word "caesura" meaning a pause, interruption, or break. I thought it was the prettiest word I'd ever heard. It became the name of a personal character in stories, and then a username in games, and eventually the tag for my art. Again, I wish there was a deeper answer for this one, haha.

ADH- I do feel a sense of serenity in your photographs, is this some kind of comfort in pain or more a case of healing through pain for you....or maybe something else ??

Saesura- I've always wanted my photos to have a calming effect. I wanted my images to be easy to take in, and pleasing for the eye to roam. In a sense they do heal me, though it's hard to describe why. Maybe it's the want of feeling in control and having everything cooled down that's being reflected. Serene is a lovely way to describe them, I like that.

ADH- I feel, in a universal sense, that the males dominance is coming to end and a more feminine nature is becoming ever more prominent in the world, would you agree ??

Saesura- I sure hope the feminine nature is growing more prominent! I probably think everyday of how things would be different if I were male, but it seems these days that line may be slimming down. It angers me that the world is categorized in two, male and female. It infuriates me that who you are is majorly influenced by what happens to be between your legs; something you didn't personally choose. I'd agree with you, yes, and I hope to see more feminism around out in the real world. 

ADH- I mentioned ( To you ) in the past, the butterfly effect ( Something powerful from a vulnerable source )... a strength/confidence to be found in pure feeling, is this true for you also ?

Saesura- The butterfly effect is an beautiful concept that I'm trying to apply to myself and my art. In actuality I use to find emotions to be weakness, and that no confidence or strength lingered within their grasp. I'd stroll through life trying to take everything lightly and never show face but I found that that's not the way to live. I still have this mentality, and so I'm trying my best to keep the butterfly effect in mind. I have so much gratitude to you, for telling me about it. Thanks, again. 

ADH- What is the most important aspect of art for you, feeling or the idea or both ?

Saesura- Ah, this is what's difficult about art. It could be one or the other or both or none, but as for me, I'd prefer both. The idea is the substance, the concept, and I love it when I can achieve one that influences viewers. The feeling is created by the atmosphere the art emanates. 

ADH- If you were to color the world....what color (s) would you use and why ?

Saesura- I think you can guess this, but I'd color the world blue. Blue has such a calming effect. A blue world would be peaceful and productive. I've heard that photography reflects the creators view of the world, so I guess you could say I see the world in blue already, haha. 

ADH- Do, problems really exist....or are they simply self created ?

Saesura- That question just baffled me. Now that I think about it, it's all self-created. Problems could rise easily, but once someone decides they need to resolve it they've made it their problem on their own. As long as you care, there will always be problems. Hmm. 

ADH- If art is some kind of healing or therapy....would art simply fade out, if everything were to be solved tomorrow ?

Saesura- I don't think the death of all problems would equal the death of art, but maybe just the death of all good art. Ideas of pulling through conflict are most important, I believe, and without conflict that art would cease to have any true meaning or effect. 

ADH- What, is for you, the most powerful form of art, and why ?

Saesura- Incredible bias incoming, but I'd consider photography to be the most powerful art form. Photography is solely created from reality, so when any evil, misfortune, or sin is displayed it's most definitely real. Reality is powerful. Photography has the power of showing people things, real things that they've never seen before- things they'd probably never wanted to see. 

ADH- Ive heard and agree, that art will save the world ( Meaning, it shows or proves how we can create without borders or boundaries or even limitations )....is this true for you ??

Saesura- Yes. Definitely yes. Art gets messages across. Here, we're limited and confined by laws and expectations. Every mind is boundless, and when you take something from your mind and recreate it in reality your breaking boundaries like no other. I'm a trapped little minor, stuck indoors and strapped by high expectations but photography is saving me. 

ADH- Creativity should be encouraged as we go through life ?

Saesura- Creativity should be encouraged. Like I said, every mind is boundless and what's even better is that every mind is different. If each individual soul was encouraged to create, their perspective could bring extravagant things to the table. The world would be more colorful. It would become more apparent that each person is their own precious stone, and each of equal value. 

ADH- And finally, to bring this to a close.....define art, in one word ?!

Saesura- Release.

ADH- Thank you for your time, its really appreciated.

Saesura- Thank you so much for choosing me! Thank you also for always supporting me. :) 


Interview i held with american artist http://metal-bender.deviantart.com/

ADH-  Sooo, i wanted to start, by asking you, why did you choose the name " Metal Bender " ?? For myself it implies some kind of transformation ??

Mb-   Well, I used to do a lot of metalwork and post photos of my work when I first joined DA.

ADH-  Obviously, alot of your photographs are taken out in nature, is nature a reflection of life for you ( Meaning to be pure in essence ) ?

Mb-   I've been wandering around the wilderness since I was a child and feel very comfortable there. It's a big part of who I am.

ADH-  Is Vermont home for you, a place of pure inspiration ?? Were you born and raised there as i always see your photographs are taken in Vermont.

Mb-   Vermont is a really beautiful and wild place. I was born and raised in Upstate New York - Hudson Valley. It's a really beautiful and wild place too. Vermont is my home now. 

ADH-  Any plans/dreams to travel and take photographs elsewhere ?

Mb-   Well, I would love to travel and photograph all over the world. I've spent some time in the UK and took a lot of film photos when I was there. I would love to go back and take more photos.

 ADH-  I noticed you sometimes use the contrast of black and white and red, could you explain why ?

Mb-   I just like the look of it!

ADH-  For me, your photographs have a cinematic feel ( expansive and open ), is film/cinema something you would consider moving into, if you haven't already ?

Mb-   I love movies but have no interest in making any. Movies definitely are a source of inspiration.

 ADH-  Would you say, taking photographs is like capturing a solitary moment in time ?

Mb-   Maybe - it's more about capturing and conveying emotions/feelings.

ADH-  Do you feel, you are sharing your vision of the world through photography ?

MB-   For sure - it's a reflection of how I experience the world around me.

ADH-  Is, creative expression, pure expression for you ?

Mb-   I guess. Photography is kind of like a visual diary and shows whatever I'm thinking and feeling in a given moment.

ADH-  I think, fear, often prevents people from expressing themselves freely in their daily lives, would you agree ?

Mb-   Maybe - that kind of depends on a person's circumstances.

ADH-  Ok, to wrap this up. If you were to choose a song/band or both to provide a soundtrack to your photography, what/who would it be, and why ?

Mb-   Wow, that's a tough one as music provides a lot of inspiration for my photos. I guess it would be a combination of God is an Astronaut, Rise Against, and Ed Sheeran. I really like the combination of story telling and emotions contained in their music. 

ADH-  Thank you !

Mb-   You're very welcome!



Interview i held with italina artist Bleotakra http://blekotakra.deviantart.com/

 Adherance- Does art, for you, present a safe space to FULLY express yourself ?? As ive often wonder'd if i could ever feel comfortable or confidant enough to expose my  true feellings in a social situation as opposed to expressing my deeper feelings through art.

Blekotakra-Art is my own home. It's the place where I feel better, where I feel safe and protected, as each home. Through art I express myself, it's the best way to talk about me! Words are difficult, we can make mistakes and troubles using words, one of my favourite song says "Once we learn to speak we learn to fail". With art we don't take the risk, it's 100% secure. In a social situation words could be misunderstood, in a social situation art is understood only by the most sensible people.

Adherance-I read on your website "http://giorgianapoletano.weebly.com/--who-i-am.html" that you only take photo's of yourse. lf as opposed to using stock photograpths, does this also help to give more of a personal feeling for yourself and your creative expression??

Blekotakra-Surely! This is the real purpose of my works: they are meant to be as personal as possible!! No one could be me better than me myself!!

Adherance-Out of curiosity, does music play any part in your idea's or inspiration??

Blekotakra-Music inspires me a lot! I listen to several geners of music so I have the right song for each moment of my life!! Music follows me during the creation of my works because it's extremely important for me and for my inspiration.

Adherance-What, so far has been the general reaction, as a female artist for you in Italy??

Blekotakra-I always had positive reactions until now! People are ready to face new artists and new artistic forms, modern form. I'm very happy because of it: good reactions make me improve! I'm very metivated!

Adherance-Do you feel/believe art is life for you?? (Meaning we create our lives as we go through our daily lives).

Blekotakra-Yes, I did! Definitely. Art is my life, it's fundamental to me and it doesn't depend on Photoshop. Without digital programs I would have expressed myself through paintings and drawings in any case. Not all people could understand art is the base of an artist's life so it's difficult matching my everyday life with my artistic life.

Adherance-Does art, have the capibility to save lives??...To give empathy to others who feel alienated and alone??

Bekotakra-Art saves the artist at first. It could save other people but only the ones who can feel something through a work of art, so only the most sensible people (as I said in the first answer).

Adherance-What is your favourite emotion to work with and why?

Bekotakra-I don't like the emotions which I feel when I work. I feel anxiety, loneliness, melancholy.

Adherance-And speaking of favourites, whats your favourite thing to do on a sunday?!

Blekotakra-Ahah Sunday is working day for me! I must get up very early!! I have fun during the week, of course!!


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